🧑‍⚖️Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Banyan has contracts between itself (Banyan Storage Inc, a Delaware C Corp) and storage provider entities around the world, mostly Filecoin storage providers.

These contracts specify cybersecurity controls, uptime, penalties for losing data or having too much downtime, and more.

We are evolving these agreements over time to provide the most cheap, secure, and robust storage possible over this decentralized network.

Right now, we ask our storage providers to give us 99.9% uptime for an individual hot storage replica, and 99.95% uptime for customers (who ideally keep at least two hot storage copies in our network).

We enforce these contracts by running monitoring software on the storage providers' hardware, and adding contractual clauses that allow us to audit select facts about their datacenter and business setup as needed.

Learn more on the Storage Providers page.

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