🎁Store Files & Drives

With Banyan, you can store your files in Archival or Hot storage, and name/rename/manipulate files, folders, and drives. If you run out of space, you can upgrade to a higher level plan from our Pricing page.

Once your file is uploaded, you can manipulate it as you would in any other file storage system; we support:

  • Download/retrieval

  • Move to (a new folder or drive)

  • Make a copy/duplicate

  • Rename

  • Remove

    • deletes from filesystem, queues underlying blocks for deletion from Filecoin storage provider

  • Share file

    • share via a view-only browser link; no account required to view the link

    • public links and account-based sharing coming soon

  • View the security of your file at any time and know that your data is safe

    • more info about proofs/Filecoin status will be added to the interface coming soon

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