🖨️Web Client

Our web client is a great way to get started using Banyan, and is currently the most user-friendly way to upload and manage your files.

If it's not clear how to use it, this section contains a guide to getting yourself and your files set up.

If something's wrong or confusing, please leave us some feedback about how we can make it better! We're all ears- just click the question mark in the app to get in touch. 👂🙏

Key features

  • User-friendly UI

  • Compatibility with SDK, CLI, and S3, which means it's also compatible with any dapp building on our SDK.

  • End-to-end encryption (private and secure)

  • Visual editing and organization

  • Preview (supports multiple file types, adding more)

  • Flexible storage plans with Payment using USD via Stripe

  • 🔜 Sharing with granular permissions (can share view-only)

  • 🔜 Geo-specific storage providers (choose where your files are stored, and distribute them across the globe as you wish)

  • 🔜 Storage auditing and proof viewer (see proofs of your file content stored on the blockchain at any time)

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